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Graphitization and AMS measurement

The graphitization procedure of the samples is performed using scientific instrument made in Switzerland – Automated Graphitization Equipment AGE-3 (IonPlus AG).

AGE3 system for Sample Grapitization in Vilnius Radiocabon Laboratory

Radiocarbon is measured with a single stage accelerator mass spectrometer made in USA by National Electrostatics Corp. (NEC) – the world’s leader in the manufacture of electrostatic ion beam accelerator systems. The background of measurements is estimated to be 2.45 × 10−3 fM (fraction of modern carbon) using phthalic anhydride. The IAEA-C2, IAEA-C3, IAEA-C7, IAEA-C9, NIST OXII, SIRI K (carbonate) standards are used as reference materials. The 14C/12C ratio is measured with an accuracy better than 0.3% ( +/-30 years or better). For the isotopic fractionation correction the ratio of 13C to 12C is used.

240 KV Single Stage Accelerator Mass Spectrometer @Vilnius Radiocarbon laboratory

All dates are calibrated by OxCal v4.4.2 (Bronk Ramsey, 2020), atmospheric data from Reimer et al., 2020.

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