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Pricelist for professional organisations

Archaeologists, zoologists, ecologists, geologists, botanists, heritage & restoration experts, art collectors – take your best from AMS! Carbon dating of different samples materials for the same price with turnaround time up to 5 weeks from samples receiving and prepayment.

Pricelist for professional organisations
Standard sample AMS dating price with graphitisation. Collagen extraction included.  280 €  
AMS dating of cremated bone from bioapatite  340 €  
Discount programs for professional organisations
Larger order. 10% discount for orders from 10 and more samples.252 €
Acknowledgment. 5% discount when you acknowledge VILNIUS RADIOCARBON laboratory in an article or poster.266 €
Big order
For submission of 50 and more samples by once we will offer very special rate
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Prices are exclusive of VAT. If your organisation has tax number then 0% VAT will be applied. If do not has tax number then 21% VAT will be applied.

Additional services
δ13C and δ15N analysis of stable isotopes when performing 14C AMS measurements   15 €   
Only collagen extraction and δ13C ir δ15N analysis   65 €   
Graphite AMS measurement   100 €   
Prepared and pressed into cathode graphite AMS measurement   90 €   
δ18O Stable Isotope Analysis (up to 5 weeks turnaround)   65 €   
δ34S Stable Isotope Analysis (10 milligrams of collagen will be needed, up to 5 weeks turnaround available for at least 20 samples batches. Single samples could be measured within 3 months with other sets)   80 €   
Imaging of archaeobotanical samples by SEM (scanning electron microscope) method   50 €   
Lipid residue analysis of ceramic sherds (lipid extraction and molecular analysis by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS)   200 €   
Bayesian statistical modelling and consultations, hourly rate   100 €   

Prices are per sample excluding 21% VAT

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